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Surviving the Holidays While Losing Weight

As we quickly approach the Holidays it’s important to know how to get through it successfully! The Holidays can be difficult for many reasons…loss, stress, anxiety, temptation of all the yummy foods, all sorts of things!  Emotional eating and cravings can make a big appearance during your holiday, so let’s talk about a few ways we can get through the holidays in one piece. 

Coping Mechanisms

These are mechanisms that help alleviate stress, anxiety, and any sort of overwhelming emotion. A lot of time this can lead to emotional or stress eating. So, instead of using food as a coping mechanism for these feelings we need to find other means of coping. This can be journaling, going on a walk, meditation, anything that is going to relieve stress in a constructive manner! These are going to be different for everyone but they’re key in keeping your emotions at a manageable level. So, set aside time every day for yourself so you can indulge in whatever your coping mechanism is! 


There are so many yummy and tempting foods around the Holidays that it can feel nearly impossible to stay away from them, and that’s okay! Try to be really diligent about the things that are going in your body, but also make sure to pick a few foods that you really want and have them- in moderation! It’s okay to have those foods-in moderation-as long as you balance them out with healthier options throughout the day and the rest of the week!


It is so SO important to remember to enjoy yourself this Holiday season! It may be hard, this year may have been rough, but you’ve made it through this far so enjoy the rest of it!