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Snack Substitutes for Superbowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. And with football comes tailgating and with tailgating comes finger foods!! This can be a pretty challenging time for those of us who are working on lifestyle changes. Luckily, it’s completely doable to enjoy tailgating and finger foods without compromising a healthy lifestyle. Let’s go over a couple tips for managing Super Bowl Sunday (and any other football day).

  1. Wings: Chicken wings are a huge staple for game day and there’s no reason you have to give them up! Instead of having them fried, cook them in an air fryer (just as crispy but without all the oil!) or even bake or grill them! Depending on what kind of wings you prefer you can even make your own sauce or dry rub for them. You can also substitute wings for a leaner option, like chicken breast tenders.
  2. Veggie trays: These are always a hit and it almost feels like football isn’t really football without one. But…most veggie trays come prepared with ranch or some other kind of dip. This can add lots of hidden calories. Instead, try preparing your own veggie tray and making your own dip. Non-fat plain greek yogurt makes a great base for almost any dip. 
  3. Cauliflower wings: These have become widely popular and are really simple to make. Using a head of cauliflower and whatever seasoning or sauce you decide to make you can replicate wings but as a veggie alternative. You can do buffalo, lemon pepper, jerk, or even barbecue flavors.This is also a really good vegan option!
  4. Sodas: Instead of sodas drink carbonated water or seltzer waters. There are a ton of different brands these days with a ton of different flavors. Drinking these will really help curb the craving for sodas and still keep you on track.

And remember: moderation is key! If you decide you want something that isn’t quite as healthy, that’s okay. Have a little bit, enjoy it, but be sure to go back to your healthier choices afterward.