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Tyler and Anna Talk: Winter Exercise

BRRR! It is COLD out there!

For some people, the summer heat makes it hard to exercise. But Tyler and Anna find it way harder to exercise when it is cold outside. Finding the motivation to get out of a warm bed can be tough!

They’ll tell you some of their tips and great ways to stay active during these colder months!

Free Injections for Veterans

We want to say THANK YOU to all Veterans with a FREE B12/Lipo (Skinny) Injection!

Injections contain B12 and Lipotropic Amino Acids that help boost your metabolism, break down fat in the body, and provide natural energy without jitters.

Get an energy and metabolism boost on Monday, Nov 11th with a FREE INJECTION!

Offer valid for new and current patients who are Veterans. So, bring a friend!

Charleston: 843.225.3501
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Charleston, SC 29407

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Summerville, SC 29485

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North Augusta, SC 29841

Lexington: 803.422.0351
3618 Sunset Boulevard, Suite C
West Columbia, SC 29169

Anderson: 864.401.1178
3710 Liberty Highway
Anderson, SC 29621

Tyler and Anna Talk: Enhancing Foods

A lot of people think healthy food is boring. Or they get stuck in a rutt and are tired of the same things.
1. Healthy foods are not boring!
2. Here are some great tips to help you spice up your food!

We delve into salads, using spices, and utilizing toppings!

Please comment some of your favorite tips/tricks/ideas that you use enhance your food!

Tyler and Anna Talk: Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all of you Ghouls and Gals!

Safe to say it is officially the start of the holiday season!
And Halloween can be a tricky day/week for people! After all, there is candy EVERYWHERE and parties to attend.
But don’t stress, Tyler and Anna have a ton of great tips to help you fight off the cravings and make smarter decision!

What candy do you buy so you won’t eat the leftovers?
What are your other favorite Halloween tips?

Tyler and Anna Talk: Stress

Ugh. Stress.
Most of us run around constantly stressed about work, home, relationships, dieting, friends, getting where we need to be on time….LIFE.

Being in a constant state of stress really takes a toll on your body!
For one, stress makes your body release cortisol which can lead to weight gain!

On this episode of Tyler and Anna Talk!, we talk more about stress and how to reduce it.

Be sure to give this video some love and let us know your best tactics for reducing stress!

Tyler and Anna Talk: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are always portrayed as the enemy. But not all carbs are bad for you!

Fruits, vegetables, and nuts can all be classified as carbohydrates. But you want to eat those! When we are “hating on carbs” we are referring to those sugar-filled fake foods that offer no nutrition for your body. Think things like cakes, cookies, pastries, soda, juice, candy, ice cream, etc.

When we say “carb free after 3,” we mean those “bad carbs” listed above and some of the higher sugar fruits and potatoes.

This is an example of how to incorporate carbohydrates into your diet:
Oatmeal as part of breakfast
Fruit in your morning snack
Sweet potato at lunch
~then, flip gears in the afternoon~
Nuts in your afternoon snack
Plenty of vegetables on your dinner plate