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Smoothie Bowls to Spice Up Your Morning

Ever thought about spicing up your morning smoothie?

Here’s a great option: Smoothie Bowls!

When making your smoothies, add less water/milk for a thicker consistency. Scoop it out of the blender, spread into a bowl, and add some nutritious toppings! This way you can add more protein and fiber to your breakfast all in your smoothie. This option is also wonderful as an ice-cream alternate!

For toppings, anything goes that will pair with your smoothie. Add granola for an added crunch and a sweetener of your choice. For smoothies with strawberries or bananas, try dark chocolate chips, peanut butter, or almond butter on top. For smoothies with mango, a little chili spice / tajin will completely change the flavor. 

Here are some of my favorites:

    ⁃    Granola

    ⁃    Toasted Oats

    ⁃    Flax/Chia/Hemp seeds

    ⁃    Shredded Unsweetened coconut

    ⁃    Dark chocolate chips

    ⁃    Fresh chopped fruit

    ⁃    Honey/Agave drizzle (for added sweetness)

Easy Meal Prep Smoothie Recipe:

    ⁃    1c frozen fruit (lowest sugar option: berry mixes)

    ⁃    1-2c chopped spinach or kale

Place fruit and veggies into serving size freezer ziploc bags for single-use smoothie portions. 

Options to add while blending:

    ⁃    Protein powder (of your choice)

    ⁃    Milk or Plant Milk

    ⁃    Flax/Chia/Hemp seeds for added fiber 

Additional Breakfast Items to Pair with a Smoothie:

Remember to opt for a higher intake of starches and sugars in the morning relative to night. Give yourself the extra hours of metabolism time and fuel your body for the day!

  • Hard-boiled egg (with seasoning)
  • Ezekiel Toast
  • Avocado
  • Overnight Oats
  • Protein Oatmeal