Beach Medical Weight Loss

Alcoholic Beverage Alternatives

With St. Patrick’s Day quickly approaching, it is no surprise that our patients are beginning to worry about the alcohol calories they will be consuming. We have made a list of healthy alternatives to your favorite alcoholic beverages. These simple switches in the alcoholic beverages could help you have fun while staying on track with your weight loss.

  1. Bloody Mary
    1. A bloody mary contains less sugar. Also try to order it extra spicy in order for you to drink it slower and sip on water in between.
  2. Red Wine
    1. Some red wines are filled with antioxidants, but you will have to pay attention to the sugar amount in some. Try to get red wine that is more dry than sweet to help with the sugar consumption.
  3. Scotch on the Rocks
    1. Drinking whiskey straight will help you drink slower which will help your drink last all night.
  4. Silver Tequila with Soda Water and Limes
    1. Ditch the mixer with the tequila! This will help you cut out the sugars associated.
  5. Vodka Seltzers or Hard Seltzer
    1. There are many new seltzer drinks that have hit the market with White Claw being one of the more popular ones. You also can add sugar free Mio drops to your drink.
  6. Mixed drinks
    1. If you like to have mix drinks just as rum and coke, try to replace the soda with a diet soda or try adding soda water instead.

We hope these modifications help you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day holiday and as always, stay safe and consume responsibly!